Mycotoxin contamination of animal feed is a global challenge that affects us all. ​

At BIONTE we fight together with you to mitigate the presence of mycotoxins in animal feed and, therefore, in human food. ​

Where are mycotoxins mainly found?

Mycotoxins are mainly present in cereals and their by-products, which are the main source of energy in animal nutrition.

After the intake of animal feed contaminated by mycotoxins, a variety of clinical effects are induced, such as: the reduction of productive parameters, immunosuppression, injuries to vital organs, as well as intestinal, nervous and reproductive health problems.

All these toxic effects mentioned depend mainly on the type of mycotoxin, its dose and the animal species.

Our objective at BIŌNTE is, through specialization and technical service, to help identify and mitigate the effects of mycotoxins with the aim of making animal nutrition healthier and more sustainable.


Mycotoxins, an approach

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, mycotoxins are natural toxic substances produced by fungi (molds) and can be in animal feed or food for human consumption.

These mycotoxigenic fungi grow easily on various crops and foods such as cereals, nuts, spices, apples, coffee beans, etc. and can be harmful to health even in low concentrations. Mycotoxins generally grow in warm and humid environments, as they are very resistant to high temperatures. Consequently, they can appear in the grain drying process and in most food and feed processing operations.

Mycotoxicosis (or diseases caused by mycotoxins) can lead to various adverse effects on animal and human health; Its effects can be acute due to short exposure to high doses, or chronic when the living being is exposed to the toxin in small amounts for a long period of time.

Our experience and specialization endorse us

At BIŌNTE we believe that research on mycotoxins in animal feed is increasingly important to face the global challenges of the food industry.

It is for this reason that we keep in permanent contact and collaborate with professors, research centers, universities and the scientific community in general in order to strengthen our specialization strategy and study in depth the field work with our clients.

From this integration between science and praxis we have managed to generate and apply useful information to combat, prevent and mitigate the negative effects of mycotoxins and we have developed an effective, safe and profitable product: QUIMITŌX®.

In addition, at BIŌNTE we also have an Official Accredited Laboratory where we apply precise and reliable methods supported by HPLC-MS/MS analysis equipment, one of the most sophisticated equipments for mycotoxin analysis.

And it is our commitment to offer our clients the best solutions according to their needs, the raw material they use, the target species and the regions where they are found.


How to minimize the effect of mycotoxins? ​

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