The fact of aspiring to promote sustainable development goes through the health of animals.

At BIŌNTE we are aware of this environmental relationship, and we work every day to take another step towards the sustainability of the planet.

It is essential to take into account nutrition and animal health; Only in this way can the objectives that have been established in terms of sustainable development be achieved.

There is a priority objective in this area and that is that animal welfare should be the cornerstone of sustainability, where all kinds of social, environmental, economic, ethical and political issues are taken into account.

The relationship stems from the need for healthy animal production so that the food chain remains intact and free of mycotoxins until it reaches human consumption.

On the other hand, it is a matter of food safety, since stressed and poorly cared for animals transmit more virulent diseases and bacteria that could develop in their bodies.

Ignoring animal welfare can only be the beginning of a major problem worldwide, which is why at BIŌNTE we are 100% committed to sustainable development and all the measures that are proposed in favor of animal health and nutrition.

And to this same extent, we create value and progress and ensure the welfare of animals and the sustainability of animal production for healthy eating.

BIŌNTE’s social commitment is to maximize the value of its actions with respect to the interest groups that give meaning to our activity, which are customers, employees, suppliers and society in general.

Firm in this social commitment, we have incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved by the UN in September 2015 into our business strategy.

And this way of working is possible thanks to the individual and collective commitment of all the people who are part of this company to create sustainable value for society as a whole, with the aim that our activity reverts to the positive evolution of all the communities in which we operate.