Aquaculture faces the persistent challenge of mycotoxin contamination, threatening productivity and food safety. In response, BIŌNTE® launches BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® AQUA, a specifically formulated mycotoxin binder for aquatic species. This innovative product incorporates by-products, aligning with sustainability and circular economy principles, promoting low-cost production for aquatic species.

Control of mycotoxins in Tilapia, Catfish, and Carp

BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® AQUA designed specifically for tilapia, catfish, and carp, targets the specific needs of aquaculture. Given that aqua-feed extensively employs plant-based ingredients such as soy, rapeseed, canola, corn, wheat, and barley, susceptibility to mycotoxin contamination becomes a significant concern. 

Mycotoxin contamination negatively affects the health of fish, reducing overall productivity. AFB1 and ochratoxin residues in aquatic species may represent risks to human health

BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® AQUA, acting through adsorption, binds mycotoxins in a porous material, neutralizing their harmful effects.

Optimized composition for better results


BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® AQUA ‘s composition, enriched with mineral and phytogenic components, is strategically formulated to provide optimal results. 

BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® AQUA not only mitigates mycotoxins effectively, but also acts quickly and selectively.

Additionally, BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® AQUA  also includes orange peel flour that provides a rich source of nutrients and dietary fiber, enhancing palatability, boosting immune response, and promoting intestinal health.

Environmental benefits for sustainable aquaculture

BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® AQUA not only delivers better performance but also contributes to sustainability. The selected mineral coumpounds of this mycotoxin binder improve water quality and selectively bind mycotoxins, ensuring the purity and safety of application.

BIŌNTE® 's dedication to global leadership

With the research as the central axis of our work, BIŌNTE® stands as a global leader in mitigating mycotoxins. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is exemplified through solutions like BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® AQUA. Operating in over 30 countries, we provide technical and commercial services, ensuring the health and productivity of aquatic species worldwide.