BIŌNTE has developed BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® PLUS a solution for terrestrial species that works with a triple action: adsorption, bioprotection and post-biotic effect. It is a mycotoxin binder that, in addition to the adsorbent material, it contains a unique combination of natural extracts and selected yeasts in order to mitigate the negative effects of mycotoxins.

The importance of bioprotection

To achieve an optimal strategy to alleviate the mycotoxins effects in animal nutrition, it is necessary to use a mycotoxin binder with higher levels of adsorption throughout the gastrointestinal tract. BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® PLUS contains a unique combination of curcumin and silymarin that supports the bioprotection effect. This is in order to combat the oxidative stress and liver damage induced by mycotoxins and to improve animal health.

The product contains natural extract of curcumin and silymarin that provide a bioprotective effect to the animals

Curcumin and silymarin are phenolic compounds extracted from natural extracts of turmeric and milk thistle. Both active components offer a wide range of beneficial effects that stand out especially for their potent antioxidant and hepatoprotective activity.

Thus, BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® PLUS is an effective strategy to mitigate the negative effects of mycotoxins in animal nutrition. In fact, the antioxidant activity of curcumin and silymarin can detoxify the liver and to promote the intestinal health, reduce the impact of mycotoxins on animal health and their productive performance.

The use of curcumin and silymarin in animal production

Several studies have demonstrated that curcumin has a key role in the endogenous antioxidant system of the organism. It supports the liver function by restoring the enzyme levels. Silymarin stands out for its potential effect of protecting the liver from different toxic substances, favoring cells viability and tissue integrity. Both phenolic compounds have a positive influence on the immune system and they reinforce the intestinal barrier after the mycotoxins exposure.


Curcumin and silymarin have shown an in vitro antioxidant activity that is superior to BHT (it the reference antioxidant in the in vitro tests).

Antioxidant activity relative to BHT,%

Thermostability of the active principles of BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® PLUS

In feed manufacturing and pelleting processes, it is essential that the components are thermostable to guarantee their quality. BIŌNTE developed a study to verify the thermal stability of curcumin and silymarin and guarantee the bioprotective properties of BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® PLUS.

Recovery of curcumin and silymarin after exposing the extract to different temperatures for 5 min.

BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® PLUS demonstrated good thermal resistance after it was exposed for 5 minutes to different temperatures of the laboratory model till 135 ˚C, while observing recoveries of more than 80% of both principle actives.