BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® demonstrates its efficacy against the most dangerous mycotoxins

The mycotoxins binder has obtained high levels of efficacy in an in vitro trial conducted at the University of Missouri 

Mycotoxins are a global challenge that seriously affect the health of the animals and can pose a risk to food safety. Mycotoxins exposure in animal production damages basic systems such as digestive and hepatic systems. This affects the immune status of the animals. Consequently, productive parameters worsen. 

Mycotoxin binders are a key tool for producers in order to mitigate the effect of these toxic substances. It is for this reason that currently on the market there are multiple products in the segment of mycotoxin binders. 

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What characteristics should a good mycotoxin binder have?

A good mycotoxin binder should demonstrate high levels of efficacy against the most prevalent mycotoxins, it must be a fast-acting solution after feed intake and should be selective, that is, the product does not adsorb essential nutrients for the animals, such as vitamins or aminoacids. 

BIŌNTE has developed the mycotoxin binder QUIMITŌX®, a binder which contains selected bentonite and sepiolite that allows to mitigate the negative effects of mycotoxins associated with animal nutrition. 

In vitro trial at the University of Missouri 

In order to demonstrate the adsorption capacity of QUIMITŌX®, BIŌNTE has conducted an in vitro trial in collaboration with the University of Missouri (US). Zearalenone, fumonisin B1, ochratoxin, Mycotoxin T2 and aflatoxin B1, were the selected mycotoxins to verify the effectiveness of this mycotoxin binder. 

The study simulated the conditions of the gastrointestinal tract and the efficacy capacity was determined at pH 3 (simulating the conditions of the stomach), and at pH 6 (simulating the intestine). High pressure liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS/MS) was used for evaluation. 

Table 1: shows the in vitro efficacy of BIŌNTE QUIMITŌX®


At pH 3, results showed that the product QUIMITŌX® have 100% of efficacy with AFB1 and high efficacy with Zearalenone (89.1%) and mycotoxin T-2 (86.4%). Fumonisin B1 obtained 53% and ochratoxin 67%.  

At the intestine level, at pH 6, the product showed that it is capable of completely eliminate (99.3%) aflatoxin B1. In addition, high efficacy of zearalenone (86.1%) and mycotoxin T2 (81.4%) were found. Finally, Fumonisin B1 obtained 53% of efficacy and ochratoxin 63%. 

BIŌNTE® QUIMITŌX® effective product to mitigate the negative effects of mycotoxins

In summary, the mycotoxin binder QUIMITŌX® obtained high levels of efficacy against the most dangerous mycotoxins in animal nutrition. In addition, other studies validate its fast-acting capacity and its selectivity.  

As a conclusion, QUIMITŌX® can be considered an effective, rapid and selective mycotoxin binder to mitigate the effects of mycotoxins in animal production.